Hamann Classic Cars | 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans
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1956 Lotus XI Le Mans

Lotus Eleven LeMans 1500cc 1956

Chassis No 241

Mostly unrestored

Mille Miglia, Revival & Tour Auto eligible

Genuine Elevens in LeMans configuration hardly ever come to the market. #241 is surely, besides works cars, amongst the most desirable XIs in existence.

Compared to the prices of their early contemporary rivals, Porsche 550s and OSCA MT4s, XIs are still bargains.

#241 in original, desirable LeMans configuration left Lotus factory in October 1956. Exported to Paraguay in 1957 then raced in club events in the US.

Unarguably most successful results were winning twice its class at the Nassau Speed Week 1959 and 1960 with Dick Macon. 1960 finishing in the Nassau Trophy 16th overall just two places shy of Wolfgang von Trips in a Ferrari 250.

With distinctive “FAIRHOPE” livre on the front, Macon removed the aerodynamic headrest with a rollbar.

UK road registered and comes with 2017 FIA/HTP and 2016 HRCP papers, 1460cc Coventry Climax FWB engine and new engine in the making plus spares.