Hamann Classic Cars | Wanted
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Seriously Wanted!

See below which cars we are seeking

We at Hamann Classic Cars are always seeking outstanding classic Sports and Race cars for consignment or straight cash purchase. May it be a classic Ferrari, classic Jaguar, classic Maserati, classic Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Siata or models of other great marques. If you have a special classic car for sale it might be a car which interests us or which we can find a new home for. Please contact us by filling out our sellers form or send an email to thomas@hamannclassiccars.com.


At the moment we are especially looking for the following models per customer requests and for our own inventory.


Note: Photos do not show the actual car we are looking for but only a sample of the model we are searching.

Our Wanted-List


Then why don’t you sell your car with us?

Please fill out our sellers form or send an email to thomas@hamannclassiccars.com for a noncommittal inquiry.