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Where great cars find great buyers

Classic collector and exotic collector car sales.

Do you have a classic car or exotic collector car you wish to sell? We are always looking to buy on our own account pristine classic cars and modern Super cars. We are buyers for individual cars or even entire collections. Mr. Thomas Hamann has an impressive record of buying and selling some of the most amazing classic automobiles over the past 40 years.

Please contact us for any questions or fill out our noncommittal inquiry form if you are looking for a specific car.


Another option is for us to broker a successful sale of your automobile.

With a continuously growing customer base of first-time and repeat buyers, Mr. Thomas Hamann can locate a client to purchase your vehicle anywhere in the world. Exotic and classic collector car sales are Mr. Hamann’s specialty. There are very few people who can handle the sale of an automobile like Thomas Hamann, whose clients include both first-time buyers and owners of the largest classic car collections in the world. We always have a list of automobiles our qualified clientele is looking for.

Please fill out our sales entry form for a noncommittal inquiry.

Collection Management

For many years Thomas Hamann has been helping collectors in the United States as well as in Europe with the Management of their collections.

Often the Hobby and passion of collecting cars can become overwhelming. What often starts with the passion for classic cars turns into a buying spree as the spectrum of classic cars is so extremely wide. We often find that those fortunate collectors who have the financial means to buy whatever suits their fancy at the time come to a point where they realize that they simply have assembled too many cars, sometimes more than one of the same model.


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Please contact us for any inquiries.

Auction Consulting

Hamann Classic Cars also offers consulting with auction consignments or purchases.

We are here to help you if you plan to sell a car via auction rather then using our sales services. We help you to decide which auction company to use for the sale of your car and which auction venue. Not every auction reaches the same clientele and certain collector cars might not be suited for a successful sale at any auction venue. We do not only help you to choose the right auction company and auction event. We also negotiate terms of sale such as reserve, lot placement and commissions on your behalf with the auction companies to help you achieving the best result.


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Please contact us for any inquiries.

Restoration and Certification Management

Staying on top of the restoration process of your classic automobile can be not only time consuming but can also often be frustrating.

Time lines or budgets might not being met by restoration shops often resulting in disappointment, frustration and in the worst case confrontation with the restoration shop. Our involvement helps to minimize the risk of such experiences. We help you to choose the best restoration shop for your project with our vast knowledge and experience in the classic car industry. We know which restoration shops to trust, which one might be the best for your specific automobile and which one not to use.


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Please contact us for any inquiries.

Assistance with event entries

The most fun part of the collector car hobby is to attend a wide variety of events to exercise or show the cars and meet fellow classic car enthusiasts.

There is a wide variety of events you can participate in, may it be showing your car in a Concours d’Elegance and have it judged or take it to the limit in historic track events or hill climbs. There is a multitude of Rallies and Tours you can participate in with your classic car.


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Please contact us for any inquiries.