Hamann Classic Cars | 1968 Ferrari 365 GTC
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1968 Ferrari 365 GTC

Located in the USA
Classic Ferrari for Sale, Ferrari 365 GTC
1968 Ferrari 365 GTC


Hamann Classic Cars is proud to announce that it currently has a truly classic Ferrari for sale. Constructed in 1968 this excellently maintained example of the Ferrari 365 GTC (Grand Tourismo Coupé) was only the 4th of just 154 365 GTC ever built. It would grace the collection of any true connoisseur and that, not only due to its good condition, but also because of what the 365 GTC means to Ferrari fans, indeed all motoring enthusiasts throughout the world. It elegantly reflects the style and energy of the 1960s – Pininfarina design, classic interior, Colombo V-12 engine, 320 horsepower.


The Ferrari 365 GTC’s predecessor, the Ferrari 330 GTC, a front engine, rear-wheel-drive Coupe was introduced at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. Then in 1968, the 330 GTC was upgraded with engine size increasing from 4.0 to 4,4 liters and greater volume displacement resulting in an additional 20 horsepower (from 300 to 320).


As is the case with all members of the 365 series the GTC is powered by a Colombo V12 engine, specifically its 245/C variant. This is fed by three twin-choke Weber 40 DFI carburetors and produces 320 hp (235 kW) at 6,600 rpm. Integrating the gearbox with the final drive gives the 365 GTC a perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution. The 365 GTC retains the independent rear suspension successfully introduced for its predecessor, along with the coil springs and wishbones. The brakes are servo-assisted discs brakes all round with a split circuit system.


This wonderful example was recently restored to Concours standards and is Ferrari Classiche red book certified. It has the same stunning color combination it bore on the day it left the Ferrari Maranello factory in 1968. Books and Tools accompany this rare model. The Ferrari 365 GTC (2) is probably one of the best front engine V12 Ferraris ever produced. The unusually low production run, and thus rarity, of this model means that it is very sought after. Since the classic Ferrari for sale here is presently located in the United States, prospective non-US buyers can rely on Hamann Classic Cars’ extensive experience in the secure and trouble-free international transportation of quality classic cars.


Price upon Request.