Hamann Classic Cars | Meet us at 2022 Monterey Classic Cars Week
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Meet us at 2022 Monterey Classic Cars Week

Meet us at 2022 Monterey Classic Cars Week

It is that time of the year again when the Monterey Peninsula turns into the Mecca for classic car enthusiasts, collectors, dealers and others who got bitten by the classic car bug. The annual pilgrimage to what is known by most as the Pebble Beach week is ready to begin (all pictures below are from our visit at Monterey Classic Cars Week in 2021).


The Corona pandemic took its toll on the Pebble Beach week in 2020 with all events being cancelled. 2021 was the beginning of the come back with most events back on the calendar, but travel restrictions made it difficult for most foreigners to enter the United States.

The year 2022 might prove to be the best in a long time, but also challenging if you want to see it all. You were already hoping to clone yourself in previous years in order to attend every event. Now there is even more going on, especially with the auction events.

The amount of great cars being offered for sale is mind-blowing. The traditional auction companies like RM Sotheby’s, Gooding & Co. and Bonhams have new company and competition with the Broad Arrow Group sale holding their first auction at the MontereyJet Center on Thursday from 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM. The time of the auction is probably a broadside shot at RM Sotheby’s which is holding their first of three night auction action the same time at the Monterey Convention Center. Most of the management and staff of Broad Arrow Group used to be long term employees of RM Sotheby’s. They are looking at a bright future as Hagerty, who helped them form their company, is meanwhile the sole owner of Broad Arrow.


Friday evening will make it as usual difficult as RM Sotheby’s and Gooding & Co. are going against each others throat with their auctions being held at the same time window in opposite directions of the Monetary Peninsula.

Dana Mecum has been the smart guy for many years now by calling his auction on the Golf course of the Hyatt Regency Hotel the Daytime auction Thursday through Saturday.

Bonhams is holding their auction as usual on Friday, a stone throw away from “The Quail” at a time where no other auctions other than Mecum are going on.

One of the highlights will be the cars of the late Oscar Davis collection being offered by RM Sotheby’s.

But there is so much more going on during Monterey week culminating in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday. Historic races at Laguna Seca, a party at the Monterey Jet Center (which is more about see and be seen than classic cars), Legends of the Autobahn, Concorso Italiano and Thursday’s highlight, the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance.

Check out the 2022 Insiders Guide to Monterey for a full calendar of events. You will also see my full page ad on page 35 of this Insider’s Guide.


Please reach out to me during this week if you like to meet me as I will of course be at the various events and auctions. The best way to reach me is on my cell phone at 203-918-8300 (+1-203-918-8300 for international visitors) or via WhatsApp or by email.

Sadly the usual opening act of Monterey week, the Concours on the Avenue in Carmel by the Sea, will not take place this year. Doug Freedman, a former President of the Ferrari Club of America, who founded the event with his wife Genie in 2007, passed away so suddenly from a heart attack last October during the Audrain Concours d’Elegance. Doug is leaving a void behind which can not be filled. He was a wonderful man and friend to many of us. Doug, we will continue missing you but are glad to hear that the Concours on The Avenue will be back in 2023.

I wish everybody who will be traveling to Monterey a wonderful and exciting week. Be safe and stay healthy.


Left picture: Doug Freedman (1949 – 2021)
picture: courtesy of Ed Justice Jr.