Hamann Classic Cars | Ferrari 70 Anniversary in Maranello
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Ferrari 70 Anniversary in Maranello

Ferrari 70 Anniversary in Maranello

2017 marked the 70th anniversary of the prancing horse – Ferrari. And Ferrari called a selection of Ferrari models spanning from the late 1940s until today’s Super cars and Ferrari from all over the world flooded the streets of Maranello.

We picked up our ex Scuderia Ferrari 225S Vignale Berlinetta at the Classiche department of the factory. It had been here for Classiche certification for the period of almost 15 months during which time it was also for a while on display at the Ferrari factory Museum.


From there I drove the car about 800 meters to the factory Museum to pick up our credentials for the weekend. A bad surprised expected me though. When trying to start the car the battery did not have enough of a charge to do so. Luckily Gabriele Lalli, a young man who joined the team at the Ferrari Classiche department fairly recently, answered his cell phone and sent a service car with a new battery. A group of tourists surrounded us while the two mechanics were replacing the battery with a new one. Not exactly what we expected after all the work had been performed at Ferrari Classiche.


From there I drove our ex Scuderia Ferrari 225S to a Parking garage usually used by the Ferrari employees on the edge of the factory test track Fiorano. An assembly of all kind of rare and fast Ferrari were parked here as this would be the start point of the Ferrari 70 Tour from Maranello to Modena the next day.


A cocktail and dinner at the Ferrari Museum followed in the evening where we were able to meet the other participants and old friends we had not seen for quite a while other we had seen only a few weeks before during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance week.

It was an exciting start for the celebrations of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary.