Hamann Classic Cars | 1998 Porsche 993 Cup 3.8 RSR
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The documents which will come with the RSR are:

  • Original invoice from Porsche to Zakspeed showing extras such as 100 liter fuel tank.
  • ONS (German FIA agency) passport issued in 1998 showing the present owner as last ownership entry as well as previous ONS passport issued to Zakspeed.
  • Porsche Classic certificate including copy of Weissach buildsheet and delivery notice.
  • Invoice from Zakspeed issued in 2001 to the present (second) owner.
  • Handbooks (see below parts list).

Pictures of a part of the mentioned documents can be found below.



The RSR is presently fitted with the Le Mans kit which includes complete Kevlar bellypan (except below engine), Kevlar doors, lightweight engine bonnet with Le Mans rear spoiler fitted, Le Mans fender flares, 380mm brakes, exhaust without catalytic converter and silencer.


The exhaust with catalytic converter and silencer for sprint races is listed below as extra spare.


Below is the entire list of spare parts which will come with the Porsche 993 Cup 3.8 RSR:

  • 2 spare doors metal (original)
  • 2 kevlar doors GT2R (on car)
  • 4 fender flares GFK RSR
  • 2 door sil left
  • 2 door sil right
  • 2 wheelhouse panels front
  • 1 engine hood GT2R Evo 98
  • 1 rear wing GT2R Evo 98
  • 1 front bumper GT2R EVO 98 incl. splitter/dive planes (canards)
  • 1 rear bumper RSR
  • 2 front brake calipers & disks (322mm sprint race configuration)
  • 1 RSR exhaust system incl. mufflers
  • 1 original restrictor trumpet 48.2mm Le Mans
  • 1 engine floor cover RSR
  • 2 sets BBS magnesium center wheels, central lock (1 ONS set never raced)
  • 3 sets BBS outer rings
  • 1 original Recaro bucket seat
  • 1 original ABS brake bleeding system for GT2R/RSR PartNo. 993.721.401.80
  • 1 original fuelpump controller (fuel drain switch)
  • 1 original air lance for air jack system
  • 3 safety props for airjack system
  • 1 993 Cup 3.8 RSR manual incl. parts listing
  • 1 993 GT2 R manual incl. parts listing

More Pictures