Hamann Classic Cars | 1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT
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1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT

Classic Ferrari for Sale, Ferrari 246 Dino GT
1973 Ferrari Dino 246GT


In the mid-1960s, Ferrari needed a production-based 2-litre engine for the new Formula 2 and conceived the mid-engined Dino to provide the necessary basis. The first of these ‘junior’ Ferraris – the 206GT – debuted at the Turin Motor Show in 1967. Building on experienced gained with its successful limited edition Dino 206S sports-racer of 1966, Ferrari retained the racer’s mid-engined layout for the road car but installed the power unit transversely rather than longitudinally.


A compact, alloy-bodied coupé of striking appearance, the Pininfarina-styled Dino – named after Enzo Ferrari’s late son Alfredino Ferrari and intended as the first of a separate but related marque – was powered by a 2-litre, four-cam V6 driving through an in-unit five-speed transaxle. The motor’s 180bhp was good enough to propel the lightweight, aerodynamically-efficient Dino to 142mph, and while there were few complaints about its performance, the high cost enforced by its aluminium construction hindered sales.


A 2.4-litre version on a longer wheelbase – the 246GT – replaced the Dino 206 in late 1969. The body was now steel and the cylinder block cast-iron rather than aluminium, but the bigger engine’s increased power – 195bhp at 7,600rpm – was more than adequate compensation for the weight gain, as the Dino’s top speed increase slightly to within a whisker of 150mph. A Targa-top version, the 246GTS, followed in 1972. While not as fast in a straight line as its larger V12-engined stablemates, the nimble Dino was capable of showing almost anything a clean pair of heels over twisty going. Truly a driver’s car par excellence.


This RHD Dino is of late 1973 year production and was was delivered new in 1974 in Edinburgh, Scotland as 246GT Dino Coupe. It was just revealed lately that it was delivered as a Coupe and not as a Spyder. The last owners were always under the impression that it was a 246 GTS Dino Spyder. The car was sold at a Bonhams auction in 2007 from 20 year ownership with only 23,000 original miles showing as a Dino Spyder, in red though.


This Dino, disguised as a 246 GTS Dino Spyder, found a new owner who decided to restore the car to the original color of dark blue metallic “SSF 580N” as delivered in 1974. This Dino was restored over a period of two two years by JD Classics, a UK based company well known for the high level of their restorations. More than 2,000 hours were invested including complete rebuild of all mechanical components. The car has only seen a few test miles since completion of the nut and bolt, rotisserie restoration.