Hamann Classic Cars | In loving memory: Alain de Cadenet (1945 – 2022)
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In loving memory: Alain de Cadenet (1945 – 2022)

In loving memory: Alain de Cadenet (1945 – 2022)

Alain de Cadenet passed away on July 2nd after a battle with cancer. I first became aware of Alain by watching the TV shows Motorsport Legends and Victory by Design on Speedvision, a TV channel our mutual friend Roger Werner founded after leaving his position as CEO and COO at ESPN. Alain was the presenter of those two TV shows all Motorheads enjoyed watching so much including me.


In 2005 I organized the New York City Concours d’Eelegance in Central Park and asked Alain if he would be willing to work with me as the Master of Ceremonies. I could not have made a better choice. It was the beginning of a friendship which I value so very much. Alain was always willing to help with any advice or introductions I needed. His knowledge of classic motorcars always left me speechless. For me he was Alfaman8C, his email address. I feel honored and am glad that I had the pleasure to meet him. An old school gentleman with a witty sense of humor. Godspeed Alain, you will be missed by so many.

Please follow this link to visit the Alain de Cadenet obituary by The Guardian.