Hamann Classic Cars | 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C1750 Gran Sport Series VI Castagna Cabriolet
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Documents & Historical Pictures

Further below you may find the following:

  • Historical pictures (including the car in some race).
  • UK Register book showing all owners from 1934 until 1975.
  • A picture after its first restoration in the late 1960s (see right side).
  • Link to the Bonham’s description from the 2008 auction.
  • Pictures from the original barn find condition and recovery (from the late 1950s).
  • A few more recent photos.


Undated Historical Pictures

UK Registration Book

The following PDF document contains photos of the original UK registration book listing all owners from 1934 to 1975.


The original document is part of the records.

Bonhams description (2008)

At the following link you will find the description of the car in the Bonhmas auction catalog from 2008 – with pictures before the last restoration:

More Pictures